BHO Extractor D-Lux

Extractorul BHO D-Lux din oțel inoxidabil este folosit pentru a face ulei de haș sau BHO. Cu acest extractor BHO extrem de durabil și practic, puteți face rapid ulei de haș cu gaz butan. Extractorul BHO este indestructibil și realizat în întregime din oțel inoxidabil. De asemenea, are o husă roșie din silicon pentru a vă proteja împotriva temperaturilor extrem de scăzute atunci când faceți ulei de haș cu butan. Size Medium


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Make your Honey oil, or simply Concentrate.

The stainless steel BHO Extractor D-Lux is used to make hash oil or BHO. With this extremely durable and practical BHO extractor, you can quickly make hash oil with butane gas. The BHO extractor is indestructible and made entirely of stainless steel.  It also has a red silicone cover to protect you against extremely low temperatures when making butane hash oil.

With the BHO extractor, you can make hash oil from your weed. No chemical setup is required; all you need is this special tube with a filter and a bus of butane gas. The BHO Extractor Concentrate D-LUX is made of stainless steel and is a quality product.

The extractor is used to produce good hash oils from your waste (cutting waste) or tops. Here, we use simple available and affordable products like butane gas. Some safety measures should be followed.

It is very easy to make hash oil this way. With a BHO Concentrate Extractor you can make yourself the best hash oil from your weed plant debris.

BHO or hash oil is also known as Hash oil; Concentrate cannabis oil (BHO) Butane hash oil,

Honey oil, or simply Concentrate. In English we also use the terms, Dabs, Shatter, Wax, or Snake Tails.

Available in 2 sizes: MEDIUM 15cm (for 10 grams) and LARGE 30cm (20 grams), both 33mm in diameter.

Features of the BHO Extractor Concentrate

  • 100% stainless steel
  • Has a sturdy protective red silicone cover for protection against extreme temperatures

With the BHO extractor you can easily make hash oil, all you need is this BHO extractor with a filter and a bus of butane gas.

The BHO extractor comes with:

  • BHO extractor tube
  • Manual in English
  • Two Concentrate Extractor (coffee) filters

Caution: Never use the BHO extractor inside. Because of the flammable gas, use only outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.

Use of the BHO Extractor Concentrate D-LUX

  • Wear safety goggles
  • Dry the plant residue and tops, and then crumble into small parts
  • Slowly add the crumbled herbs to the BHO extractor
  • Place the filter (piece of coffee filter) in the cap (at thegauze) and screw the cap on the extractor Go to a well-ventilated room or outside, where there are no open flames, smoke or sparks within a 50 metre radius
  • Hold up the side with one hole and place the butane cap on it. Let the gas flow through the extractor
  • The butane gas flows through the extractor and can be caught in a Pyrex glass bowl
  • Do not remove the bus of butane gas from the extractor until the bus has been empty for 30 seconds
  • After 24 hours all your hash oil will be in the Pyrex bowl


Do not smoke while extracting.
Do not extract near sparks or open flames (e.g boiler, furnace, wool sweater).
Do not remove the bus of butane gas from the extractor until the bus has been empty for 30 seconds.
Do not inhale the gases directly.
Do not extract indoors unless it is well-ventilated.
Do not wear loose, woollen sweaters or baggy clothing while extracting.

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