MasterTrimmer – MT Tumbler 500 MED

MT Tumbler 500 MED este proiectat pentru producătorii autorizați cu cerințe cGMP. Este proiectat și fabricat în Europa, întotdeauna conform standardelor de calitate CE și celor mai exigente reglementări, adăugând la MT Tumbler 500 MED tehnologia, designul, materialele și finisajele din oțel inoxidabil pentru tăierea cânepei medicale,      In Stock in 5-12 working days


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Safety and hygiene for producers

The MT Tumbler 500 MED is designed for licensed manufacturers with cGMP requirements. It is designed and manufactured in Europe, always according to CE quality standards and the most demanding regulations, adding to the MT Tumbler 500 MED the technology, design, materials and finishes in stainless steel for cutting medical hemp, compliance with the requirements of food quality and GMP, as well as IQ and OQ certifications. The MT 500 MED Tumbler is made entirely of stainless steel in all parts where the product to be processed passes and / or comes into contact, and this material is also included in other parts such as top cover, pulleys, bearings, handles … All parts are certified for food use. The qualities of its design, materials and finishes allow it to be used for processing medical inflorescences in accordance with the most demanding GMP quality standards.


  • Up to 22kg / h of fresh plant material
  • Up to 5kg / h of dry plant material
  • Hardened steel blade with food and non-stick treatment.
  • Made of stainless steel, without any paint, essential for use in facilities with cGMP requirements.
  • Blade cutting adjustment for high precision cutting.
  • Height-adjustable barrel, made of stainless steel, without any type of paint.
  • Independent motors for blade and barrel.
  • 11 blade spool with 320 cuts per second.
  • Motor thermal protection to avoid overheating.
  • Four handles for easy mobility
  • Double safety detector on the top of the lid and on the side cover for maximum operator safety.
  • Emergency stop at the top for a quick stop.
  • Stainless steel covers to protect the operator from the cutting mechanisms.

    Change the drum in seconds to go from WET to DRY


The drum that comes with it is for fresh plant material, but can be changed in seconds with the drum for dry.

Technical specifications:

  • Electrical connection 230 V 50/60 Hz
  • Edge cutter weight 95 kg
  • Machine dimensions 130 x 70 x 95 cm
  • Box dimensions 80 x 106 x 114 cm
  • Number of blades 11 units
  • Blade motor power 1100 W / 1.5
  • HP air-cooled
  • IP66 blade motor protection
  • Barrel motor power 40 W
  • Barrel motor protection IP67
  • Sound level 90 dB Machine material
  • Stainless steel Cuts per second 320
  • Hasta blade cut adjustment 0.0010 mm
  • Security system
  • 5 year guarantee


Manufacturer MasterTrimmers


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